We started designing eco-friendly products 15 years ago when we recycled massive amounts of post consumer plastic bottles to create the first Zero-Waste Moving Box Rental Company in America called Rent A Green Box.

Our green box rental system changed the way the world moves. We created the Moving Box Rental industry, built it and led it and recently donated the entire company to Good Cause Box.

This organization rents our boxes direct to the consumer at below wholesale prices and then takes back all of you post move donations and gives you up to a $500 dollar tax break for your donated items, helps special need workers maintain employment and diverts all of your donations from entering our packed landfills. We knew that this was the right thing to do for consumers, the company and of course our environment.


Since we've spent the last 15 years making green products, we decided to continue innovating environmentally friendly household consumer products with a purpose.  Don't worry, we're still using massive amounts of sustainable, recycled, up-cycled, alt-cycled and post consumer materials to bring you the cleanest and greenest product on the planet!

Our decision to continue to design and create innovative eco-friendly products is pretty simple- we really love what we do and know you will too!

We also know that you have endless options when buying products on the internet. And when you buy online, you're never certain on what you see is what you'll actually get. Combine this uncertainty with how big box retail controls the type of products they merchandise and promote as the best value for your dollar; which is completely false and misleading. The truth is they only promote products with the best margins first with quality and performance as a total afterthought. 

In our opinion, as product designers, over the past 20 years these mega retail stores have dominated the consumer goods industry and your buying attention with inferior, imported and poorly made products to increase their bottom line.

What ever happened to Quality Goods?

When's the last time you were really blown away with the quality and performance of a product? Think about it. We did and not one of us had an example of a quality product worthy of remembering. 

At LIONFINCH, we're the opposite to big box retail stores and cheap imported products in how, why and what we choose to make.

We choose to make premium products with a purpose without cutting corners- ever. We stand behind every sale with our Pinky Promise Guarantee. We're passionate about the quality and performance of our products. We don't make a lot of products, but the ones we make are exponentially better in quality, craftsmanship and performance than any product in its class-period. 

Here's the bottom line, we're in business to exceed your expectations when you buy one of our Award Winning LIONFINCH Products.

We rely solely on our customer's word of mouth support to market and sell our products. Rather than spend a lot of money on expensive advertisements which would increase the prices we charge, we choose to make an exceptional product and earn your word of mouth support and product reorders. We believe in selling the best quality product direct to you without a lot of added expenses, so you save and we grow.

So far, our belief in Quality over Quantity has worked well and it's gotten us this far. Let us WOW you with one of our products with a purpose and we welcome you to join our LIONFINCH FAMILY.





Most companies start with making elaborate spread sheets to assess the marketplace for QUANTITY of units sold. We start by making one QUALITY piece and then test it to make improvements until we know it's the best quality product in it's class. Quality first before Quantity!


After we get the hang of making each product, we spend  a lot of time mulling over and assessing the details. We've learned that all of the little things add up to make a huge difference. For example, we tested over 200 types of thread on our canvas sacks before we found the right one!


Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten. We take pride in our work and we take even more pride in our craftsmanship. We're makers of products with a purpose that actually work and will exceed your expectations because of one word that means a lot to us: PRIDE.