We're honored and humbled by all of the awards and accolades we've accumulated from designing eco-friendly products with a purpose. With 126 awards over the past 15 years, we've mastered the art and craft of creating sustainable Zero-Waste products.

We love what we do and it shows with each product! 

What's the secret of our success? What makes any product worthy of industry praise and recognition? We always get these 2 questions when lecturing at design schools and colleges. So, we gathered a few notes from past presentations and compressed our 2 hour presentation into the highlights below.


Premium Bamboo Spa Towels

We were searching for a new set of towels last year and couldn't find any brand that had the right combination of quality, durability and sustainability! The more we searched brick and mortar, online and even calling high end spas;we realized that this was a great opportunity to create an amazing spa towel.

After 1,800 hours of design, development, and product testing, our towels won 3 major sustainable design awards in 2016. The next year, we were honored receive the highest towel rating in the US with a 97.2 Score.

These towels are absolutely incredible and we know you'll love them!

Buddha Bedding- For A Peaceful Night Sleep

If you're looking to solve a bunch of sleeping problems with one mattress cover, Buddha Bedding is the perfect product for you!

Designed to be 100% Waterproof, it's ideal for young children to elderly patients with incontinence. Completely blocks sweat, stains, and urine from soaking into and ruining your mattress. Super easy to remove and wash! 

Winner of the 2016 Marketplace Award for Innovative Sleep Product of the Year. 


We designed this canvas laundry bag for the crazy busy family that's doing a lot of laundry! 

Triple stitched overbuilt seems combined with an extra wide opening can easily hold up to 150 pounds of any bedding, blankets, clothes.. or even stuff your uncooperative kids into this LionFinch Bag! It's that strong!

To date, we have won 11 national awards for our entire line of up-cycled and sustainable eco canvas laundry bags.

Premium Bed Wetting Pad

Accidents happen when you least expect it. We know this all to well, especially when we're caring for your loved ones. 

Our biggest challenge with this product was in selecting the softest and most absorbent fabrics that would also stand up to the rigors of daily washing and drying. After 3,500 hours of material and product testing, we created the most award winning mattress and sheet protector in America.

If you're looking for the ultimate and most affordable bed wetting pad, you've come to the right place!

Eco Mattress Protection

Winner of the 2015 Los Angeles Sustainable Business Council Small Business Award, Eco Mattress Protection revolutionized the Bed Bug Plague of 2015. 

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The Martha Laundry Bag and Inner Laundry Hamper Liner.

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Every product designed and developed at LIONFINCH comes with our world famous PINKY PROMISE GUARANTEE.

It simply means that if you're unhappy at anytime for any reason with any LIONFINCH product; we are more than happy to exchange it for a new one or give you a full refund, no questions asked.

It's just that simple.