The Martha Bag

Our original design. The first canvas laundry bag that we sold. We actually learned how to sew and surge seems on this model. We made over 1000 bags, before we mastered this type of industrial binding technique. It's still really popular for residential, AIR BNB and VRBO hosts. It's a well made simple, durable and affordable laundry bag.

The Camper

After mastering the Martha Bag, we were asked to develop a camping gear stuff sack. What's a stuff sack you ask? Well, it's an extremely durable, overbuilt 150 pound capacity canvas sack where you stuff all of your camping gear to transport it to the camping site. Lots of our woodsy fans use this bag for storage when not playing lumberjack in the woods.

The Student Bag

OK moms, we heard you loud and clear and appreciate your nagging. We created this bag like the Martha, but designed for students that, well, you know procrastinate a ton. This canvas has more breathe in the material and its a lot harder for damp, wet or soaked clothes to well.. get moldy of they forget to actually get of their asses and do their laundry!



Made to take a punishment day in and day out, so we named this bag appropriately The Boxer. Crafted from a super thick 9 ounce canvas, this over built and super tough bag is ideal for sport gear, travel bag and even rugged applications like lugging all your sport gear to the field. You will love this bag!


After years of making our famous eco canvas bags, one of our clients asked if we can make the worlds toughest bag for his round the world trip. We were up the challenge and crafted this bag to exceed even our Boxer Bag. This Bag is the toughest and most over built bag proudly handcrafted in the USA!


After years of making bigger and stronger bags, we were asked to lighten it up a bit and make a basic household laundry bag for everyday use. We crafted this with a softer eco canvas and it tends to be ideal to use inside of a laundry hamper or as  stand alone laundry bag for all of your domestic needs.


The Story of Our Awesome Canvas Bags

For the past 15 years, we've been mining and detoxing landfills to convert massive amounts of post consumer trash into award winning, innovative Zero- Waste Products. 

A few years back, we received a call from the California-Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) about scrap canvas materials being illegally dumped into commercial and industrial trash bins across Los Angeles. The EPA projected over 2,900 football fields of canvas or north of 2 million yards entering our landfills.

After a few calls to our local trash haulers and recycling centers, we learned that no one had a plan in place, nor an immediate solution to address this amount of material. We were even shocked at the volume. Since we've been recycling and up-cycling trash for 15 years, we knew we had the resources and skills to turn this waste stream into something useful, practical and affordable.

We quickly struck a deal to buy all of this scrap canvas and diverted it from entering our local landfills. At this time, we didn't even know how to sew a button let alone craft a commercial product from scrap canvas.  

  That week was really hectic as we started to process truckloads of material and my office looked like it was hit by a tornado. Some unexpected trash brokers stopped by and I grabbed all the clutter from around my desk, tossed it on a sheets of canvas, gathered it up like a sack and realized at that moment, we could make a durable and affordable canvas sack.  After weeks of learning how to sew and test this resilient and durable fabric, we crafted our 1st Eco Laundry Bag and called it The Martha in honor of you know who.

We started handing out our first samples and asked our friends and family to try to destroy our latest and greatest eco-creation. Our friends and then their friends started showing up to buy our up-cycled canvas bags for all types of applications. Laundry Bags, Sleep-Over Sacks, Sailing Bags, Camping Stuff Sacks, Sport Gear Bags, RV and Camper Bedding Storage Bags and the best alternative solution so far has been (drum roll), seat car slip over covers!  

We were surprised to learn how our friends and family were using our simple, industrial strength handcrafted canvas bags. Every week we learned a better way to sew and brought in textile and equipment experts with one goal in mind- the make the highest quality, durable, multi-use and practical canvas bag in America!

Over the past 3 years and way too many bags to count, we can say with certainty - we have mastered the art of handcrafting the highest quality and most durable canvas bags in America. With consistent 5 star reviews across ALL online marketplaces and thousands of thank-you cards from happy clients, we're please to present to you, our awesome and award winning line of eco canvas bags!

We also wanted to add that each bag is Proudly Made in California and we kiss each one as a final send-off when we pack and ship your order.

That's how much love we have for our AWESOME ECO CANVAS BAGS!