Ideal for packing, moving and storing your home and office furniture. Our award winning storage and protection system is designed as a COMPLETE encasement. So absolutely no dust, mold, moisture, insects, bugs or small rodents can enter our bag when properly sealed.

Each Furniture Storage Bag comes with 2 sealing options- our velcro peel and stick coins are ideal  if you plan on reusing your bags for other applications (during a remodel or fumigation) or you can use our permanent sealing tape for long term storage.

Easy to Install and comes with a 5 year warranty, our Furniture Storage Bags will prolong, protect and preserve your furniture for years to come, as well as give you piece of mind that your furniture will be safe and stored properly for years to come. 

6 Foot Couch Bag

Ideal for Love Seats, Chaise Lounges, Recliners and 6 Foot Couches. Also used for larger 8, 10 and 12 foot couches by wrapping each section with one 6 foot storage bag. Ideal for all couch moving and storage! 

Dining Room Chair

Ideal for any small to large dining room, living room or counter stool that you need to wrap and store. Each chair needs one bag to insure its complete protection. This is the #1 Selling Bag In America.

Office Chair Furniture Storage Bag copy.jpg

Office Chair Bag

This bag is designed for large style executive office chairs, conference chairs and high end premium desk chairs ( like herman miller, Rouche and premium leather office furniture). Ideal for small to large offices