Worried About Bed Bugs?


Here’s the Best Way to Protect Your Mattress and Box Spring from a Bed Bug Infestation.


Bed bugs are the ultimate unwanted hitchhikers and house guests causing you and your family sleepless nights, expensive extermination expenses, as well as the additional cost and time to see your doctor to figure out why you and your entire family have unexplained itchy and swollen red bite marks all over your bodies. 

It’s a proven fact that Bed Bugs can move from an infested site to a new home by traveling on furniture, bedding, unprotected mattresses during a move, luggage, boxes, and clothing and then multiply into massive colonies if not eliminated immediately.

Although Bed Bugs typically feed on human blood every five to ten days, some species of bed bugs can be quite resilient; and are capable of surviving several months to a year without feeding. 

Bed Bugs can also lay 500 eggs per life cycle and multiply into massive colonies of thousands quickly if you don’t address this problem today!

Since we invented the Eco Bed Bug Mattress Bag in America, we're considered national experts on eliminating and killing Bed Bugs. We've also won 14 national awards for our innovation in creating eco- friendly products with a purpose.  

We've helped hundreds of thousands of customers with our Eco Mattress Bags.

We're in business to help YOU with your Bed Bug problem!


 3 simple and affordable steps to check if you have Bed Bugs.

The First Critical Step to Eliminating Bed Bugs 

Visually inspect your mattress, box spring and all furniture in your sleeping areas. Check all edges, seams, and crevices of your mattress and box spring. If you have a mattress pad, foam support or gel pad, please check both sides carefully. Probe inside any small rips, tears or small holes, that’s where bed bugs love to hide. If you see any patches or grouping of dark insect type castings, small amber colored stains or little tiny yellow dots in any crevices, you are seeing the initial stages of a bed bug infestation. 

If your mattress looks like the 3rd picture, it will be impossible to exterminate this type of Bed Bug infestation. It's advised to properly wrap and remove your mattress, box spring and all bedding and encase them with Eco Mattress Bags.

Some cities require that all infested mattresses and box springs are properly sealed in Mattress Bags before leaving a residence. This ordinance is to prevent the further spread of Bed Bugs. Check with your local city hall to make sure you don't get fined up to $500 for non-compliance. 


Step 2 

Inspect your entire body from head to toe. Check to see if you have any red, itchy or swollen marks on your body. If you have any itchy parts on your body and you also have a visual confirmation of bed bug castings, it’s time to attack this problem today!


Step 3

REMOVE ALL bedding and transport to the wash room in a sealed plastic bag to prevent any bed bugs from spreading to other areas of your house. Launder small loads on your washer and dryer’s EXRTA HOT setting. Do this process three times at a minimum, five times is ideal. Smaller loads help transfer the heat throughout your sheets and bedding.  Laundry detergent and water will not kill bed bugs. If you want to add 2 scoops of Borax to each load, this will help eliminate bed bug eggs, as well as weaken the bigger bed bugs prior to entering a hot dryer.  

Step 4

Instead of calling an exterminator and spending between $500 and $1,200 dollars to fumigate your mattress, box spring and bedroom with toxic pesticides and harmful chemicals ( that you'll end up sleeping on after the treatment; 

 Buy our Eco Mattress Bag system NOW to kill and eliminate mattress Bed Bugs today!

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Solve Your Bed Bug Mattress Infestation Today! 

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Eco Matress Bags are the cheapest and most cost effective method to stop mattress and box spring Bed Bug infestations.

Proudly Made in America, as well as the recipient of 14 national awards, our Bed Bug Mattress Bags are effective, affordable and 5 Star Rated!

We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of families eliminate Mattress Bed Bugs without breaking the bank. 

Step Five

When your bed is completely stripped down, slide our Eco Mattress Bag over your box spring and seal with our supplied air-tight bed bug tape. Then, slide the second Eco Mattress Bag over your mattress and again, seal with the supplied air tight bed bug tape.  Remake your bed with your washed linens and bedding.

The first few nights, you might hear a minor crinkling or crackling sound as the taped encasement settles into position. This noise will go away as the mattress bag clings to the fabric.

Rest assured, don’t stress about your mattress, we’ve got you covered. 

Our Eco Mattress Bags are made to immediately stop, kill and prevent Bed Bug infestations from ruining a peaceful night sleep.

When you trap bed bugs in our Eco Mattress Bags, they can’t feed on your blood, migrate to other parts of your home and continue to infest your home. Without a consent food source (your blood) and the ability to migrate and multiply, they will try to escape from our encased mattress without success. 

We’ve spent the last 5 years and over 7,000 hours developing and refining our patent pending combination of natural non-toxic Diatomaceous Earth combined with natural non-toxic Borax into our award winning Eco Mattress Bags. 

When you combine these TWO VERY POWERFUL natural non-toxic compounds together, it’s like KRYPTONITE to BED BUGS!


Diatomaceous Earth is a great tool to use in your fight against bed bugs and it’s even more effective when integrated into our Eco Mattress Bags. It's an all natural, non-toxic barrier to bed bugs that can both kill them and prevent them from moving freely throughout your house. 

Diatomaceous Earth is a desiccant, disrupting the waxy shell of bed bugs and making them more prone to eventual death by dehydration. It works by removing any moisture from their skeletal structure and instantly dehydrates them, stopping them in their tracks. 

It does not have any pesticides or other dangerous compounds like pesticides and toxic chemicals used by fumigation and extermination companies. Bed bugs cannot develop a resistance to Diatomaceous Earth, as they do with some pesticides. 

Remember that Diatomaceous Earth alone will not be enough to treat your bed bug infestation. It’s only one part of the solution.

Borax is the second line of defense and is an extremely effective treatment for bed bugs. It works by suffocating and kill mattress bed bugs without any toxic effect to humans or pets. It’s also the #1 natural remedy to kill fleas, ticks and spiders. 

When both of these non-toxic, natural compounds are blended into our Eco Mattress Bags, the combination amplifies their natural effects and bed bugs bite the big one and can’t survive the exposure. This process can take a few weeks up to an entire year depending on the level of bed bug infestation.

Is Diatomaceous Earth and Borax harmful to humans and pets?

Since our non-toxic formula is blended right into the plastic before we craft our Eco Bed Bug Mattress Bags, it’s completely non-toxic to both humans and pets making it the cleanest and greenest way to kill bed bugs.


How long will it take to completely eliminate bed bugs from my mattress?


Light Infestation:

If you’ve caught this problem early and we’re glad you did, our Eco Mattress Bag solution will resolve and eliminate a light bed bug infestation in 3 to 6 weeks.

Medium Infestation:

If you’ve caught this problem after confirming bed bug bites on your skin and your infestation is in both mattress and box spring, our Eco Mattress Bag solution will resolve and eliminate a medium bed bug infestation in 9 to 12 weeks. 

Heavy Infestation:

If you’re still spotting bed bugs crawling around your furniture and mattress after you’ve encased your mattress and box springs with our Eco Mattress Protection, this isserious issue. When bed bugs have migrated past your mattress and have taken up residence throughout your home, you should use our bags to contain the infestation, but you will also need to contact a local exter

Even after encasing my mattress, I still feel itchy.. what do I do now?

Bed Bug bites can take weeks to heal, so be patient.

If you re still itching, sometimes laundry detergent can be the cause of skin irritations and rashes. We suggest, trying an allergen free laundry detergent and then see if this helps.

Another area to review is your shampoo and conditioner, which can also be the root source of skin irritations.

If you’re still having skin irritations after a few weeks, and you see no sign of bed bugs inside your encased mattress, it’s time to see a your family doctor, dermatologist or allergy specialist.

Why did we spend so much time and money to create this product to specifically kill Bed Bugs?


We've been designing eco-friendly products for 15 years from recycled materials- primarily post consumer plastic trash.

About 5 years ago, we received a call from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) about developing a mattress bag to stop the Bed Bug Outbreak of 2012.

After researching the issue and working closely with the CDC, we developed the first Eco Mattress Bag and started shipping our innovative mattress bags all over America.

We sold so many bags that year that we knew we had a winner and made a huge commitment in tooling to make our Eco Matress Bags right here in America.

Over the past 5 years, we've won 14 national awards for introducing and developing the first non-toxic Eco Mattress Bag that is designed to stop bed bug infestations. 



The Immediate Benefits of Using our Eco Bed Bug Mattress Protection:



Immediately stop the spread of Bed Bugs coming from your mattress. If they are trapped on the inside, they cannot feed on your blood, multiply and then migrate to other areas of your home. You can stop a Bed Bug infestation by using Eco Mattress Bags. 


Completely sealing both the box spring and mattress means that anything living inside the mattress like: dust mites, fleas, ticks, spiders, silver fish and even Bed Bugs will die. When these insects are exposed to our patent pending non-toxic formula, it’s impossible for them to exist.


Eco Mattress Bags are the most affordable and effective solution to Stop Bed Bugs Today!


Peace of mind knowing that you have addressed the issue and can look through our plastic to visually confirm if you havebed bug skeletons. 


Proudly Made in America with the care and craftsmanship of a product made with a purpose. We don’t design or sell junk, nor should you waste your time and money on buying an inferior product.


We're so confident that our Eco Mattress Bags will work, we offer our Pinky Promise Guarantee with every purchase.


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If you have any questions about Bed Bugs, please leave us a note below and we answer every e-mail!

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Bed Bugs are in every state in America and tend to concentrate in dense urban areas. Most large cities are constantly battling Bed Bugs as they are constantly on the move, looking for their next meal which is your human blood! Apartment buildings, university housing and public places like libraries city hall and community centers are always being inspected and fumigated for Bed Bugs.

If you think you have Bed Bugs, please contact us today to order our Bed Bug Mattress Defense Solution. 


As of October 1st, 2017 America continues to battle a Nation Bed Bug Pandemic. We anticipate a huge outbreak this summer as a result of so many families being displaced from the major storms we've experienced this year. If you're concerned or think you might have Bed Bugs, don't hesitate to order our Bed Bug Mattress Defense Product.  

The #1 Selling Bed Bug Deterant

It's always better to be safe than sorry. If anyone in your building or floor has Bed Bugs, you have to act today to protect your mattress and loved ones. Bed Bugs can infest your mattress in as few as 3 weeks. With mature Bed Bugs laying up to 500 eggs in their life cycle, you can easily have up to 20,000 Bed Bugs in no time. Don't stress about Bed Bugs, We've Got You Covered!